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«GortaX Robots» is a virtual company which operates in Inworldz. Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of places, houses, vehicles, machines, etc. with complex functions in script, in a way that everybody can easily use them.

For now there are only two scripts in development.

Gortax Robots is available on, the Inworldz marketplace, or in Inworldz itself, at the Gortax Factory

Scary Robot


?>GX-MOTOR objects animation script (experimental) This script gives control on an object, globally or prim per prim, with composition of relative movements (a forearm connected to an arm) simply with giving the movement data, in a notecart. It can also be controlled by other scripts, messages or linked message. The version V1 is still experimental and not complete, although usable. This script is not yet formally on sale, thanks to contact me (Yichard Muni) if you are interested.


Free Full perms: Resizer script Allows to resize objects with one or multiple prims. Also detect YichTrains gauges and resize after gauge. Options inside the script. In some cases can resize on one axis only.


Free Full perms: Inventory giver script Menu driven, gives the content of the primitive. Can manage more than 12 objets. Options in the script.