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Lysaer Logo

LYSAER Fine elven arts

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«Lysaer» is a virtual company which operates in Inworldz. Its purpose is to propose beautiful objects and functions expressing the elven ideal, as much as to inspire this ideal, as to allow everybody to embellish his virtual life.


Poofer (particles emitter).

Various poofers

Several models: flowers, autumn leaves, angels, rainbows, candies, hearts, confettis, etc. Powerful script, numerous options, add your own textures, it will detect them. remote controllable. In the Inworlds marketplace and in the Lysaer Shop.




LYS Candles rezzer.

LYS Candles rezzer

This box can be used as a table, furniture top, altar, etc. or its content can placed in your own furniture. Clicking on it makes a candle appear, on 12 colours, that you can dedicate. This item is primarily designed for use as meditation help or healing prayer. For this reason it is free and full perms. In the Inworlds marketplace and in the Lysaer Shop.




Elf lodges «Armadillo».

Elf lodges «Armadillo»

These lovely elven cottages will adorn your garden or dream landscapes. If you add furniture, they can be your main residence. The progress of 3D design tools allowed to make curved and sensual shapes, but thoroughly textures (you can place your textures on them) Exist in four colours, Elf size and Tinies size. In the Inworlds marketplace and in the Lysaer Shop.