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By Yichard Muni, elf bard


«Elf Dream» is a social group which exists into several virtual worlds. Its purpose is to offer the experience of the immersion in a world of beauty and warm relationship. To connect together everybody interested in the «Elvish» ideal of an harmonious and free social life, into nature, beauty, friendship, freedom, humour, etc. The theme of the Elfs is excellent for this, since «Nice places attract nice people»!

Elf Dream is building a network of friends and virtual places, to be ready to welcome new people who never went into virtual worlds before.



The group «Elf Dream» is active in the virtual worlds Amaryllisgrid (How to enter) Discoverygrid (How to enter) and in the social network MEWE.

It is also present in Second Life, Digiworldz, kitely, osgrid, Discord, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are in one of these, I encourage you to join these groups, in order to keep contact whatever happens.


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Closing of Inworldz, the Dream continues!

What happened, and my official comments, by Yichard Muni, elf bard

This shall not stop us, here we are again in Discoverygrid, where we have our region: Daur Anarie (How to enter) and in AmaryllisGrid, where we have Daur Lysaer (How to enter).

Even the end of the (in)world(z) cannot stop us! Griiining Mister Green I recreated my character «Yichard Muni», our groups «Elf Dream» and the others in Second Life, digiworldz, discoverygrid, kitely, Discord, Mewe (our official chat), facebook, and perhaps others to come.

The closing of Inworldz is definitively not the end of our activities, right on the contrary it could even be a better deal. Keep contact, all the news will be here




Photos and videos

Daur Anarie seen from entrance

Our new living place: Daur Anarie (How to enter). A square kilometer of tropical paradise islands!





Memories of Inworldz

Elven temple and train

This scene was created in 2015, but it was hosted since by a friend, Shanta, in Inworldz. This temple is a temple of MakTar and Shelenaë, as in my stories of the elfs of the Dauriath.



Vanya Sulie elven home

Our hangout place, in Vanya Sulie, into the dearly missed Inworldz virtual world. This troglodytic house wass much larger than it looked, with five large rooms, each for a different activity. Thanks to Fleure Homewood for hosting us for such a long time!



Video: this second Elven village was build for the 9th birtday of Inworldz, and it remained several months on line. Further we visit the elven village itself. I could add several types of new houses, entirely in mesh.



IW9 elven village

This new house, entirely in mesh, was built especially for the IW9 elven village. I had no time yet to texture it, so I used existing textures. Note the realistic hill, not the cartoonish «Second Life mountains»



Video: this Elven village was build for the 8th birtday of Inworldz, and it remained several months on line. We were allowed to build in dedicated places. As this was too big a work to complete in time, I reused ancient builds, which appear as lower quality today. But I still could do the small elven homes (under the trees) with top level quality: mesh, smart texturing, etc. Enjoy this visit, and the immersion in a beautiful world, while hearing some nice inspiring New Age or space ambient music here.



Video: This is a project for a large elven temple, into lands which would be entirely consecrated to Elf Dream. This project remained visible for two or three months thanks to the initiative Inworldz Cultural Endowment (ICE)





Elf dream guidelines


The group charter in the virtual says: «Free Elven group. For us, being an Elf (or any being of the light side) is the ideal of a better world of nature, beauty and poetry, together with wise, kind, loving and open people... If your way is to commit to the Elven path, then come make the dream come true».


I am glad that until now everything went fine without any other formal rule. Here are however more accurate guidelines for Elf Dream:

-«Elf Dream» fosters the Elvish ideal of a free, pleasant and kind social life.

-Our character species are beings of light, or beings of nature, living into nice and harmonious places.

-Our main lands are elven style, but not Middle Age: it must look wonderful. Other themes like modern elves must find their place too.

-Into common chat and places, we avoid nudity and the joys of the bed, so that everybody can feel welcome, including children. But we may have places for all the tastes, arranged so that no interference can happen.

-We encourage a peaceful and non-sectarian spirituality, as a bringer of profound experiences and harmonious relationship, or solutions to numerous human problems.

-We foster collaborative and exploration roleplay.

-We follow usual social rules, like avoiding drama, intolerance, aggression, spam, etc.

-We favour non-violence and harmony, especially with avoiding allusions to hunt, meat, alcohol, political scheming, etc.


-About the problems which may happen, the ideal of a free, pleasant and kind social life is worth some spiritual work for mending our behaviour and feelings, when they cause issues.

May Elf Dream be a place where people succeed to do so.

May Elf Dream be a place where people are able of making the vision true into their hearts and into their life experience.


These guidelines were designed from the sometimes harsh experiences of groups in Second Life. More detailed rules may become necessary when we are more numerous. However, formal rules having their own inconveniences, it will be a cautious path.


Proposed Elf Dream lands charter


The purpose of the proposed Elf Dream estate would be to offer the experience of the immersion in a world of beauty and nature. However to accommodate several themes, it would be divided by altitude:

-From 0 to 1000m: sea level. General public, with only nature, fantazy, Fairy, Elven or New Age builds, provided that they are beautiful. It would be formed of islands in a sea, or lands blending together continuously. No intensive roleplay, especially no fight or ugly creatures. OWOS chart with theme restrictions. Privacy volumes restricted to homes or enclosed areas. Not intended for shops, but some selling can happen discretely, with small signs in the theme.

-From 1000m to 2000m: No building (save caves hanging from the 2000m level)

-From 2000m to 3000m: Modern Elfs continuous platform. Same rules as ground level, but modern or scifi items and technology would be allowed. OWOS chart without restrictions.

-From 3000m to 4000m: no building.

-From 4000m to 10000m: shops, stores, skyboxes, building platforms. Privacy volumes allowed without restrictions. Builds would be staggered to minimise mutual interferences. Adult content allowed without restriction inside the privacy zones, provided that it is beautiful and angelic (and legal).


Note: Privacy zones are an Inworldz feature in the process of implementation (see Mantis 67), allowing for a real privacy without caming or spying. Waiting for it, safety orbs are allowed. They will be forbidden once the privacy volumes are available.

Note: the OWOS chart is for allowing a free flying and boating into private lands, by removing obstacles such as no object entry, etc. Estates adhere to it in a voluntarily basis, but then in Elf Dream it will be mandatory. It contains protections on theme, and on abusively low flying or buzzing over.