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GortaX Robots

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«GortaX Robots» is a virtual company which operates in the virtual worlds in the Halcyon system. Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of places, houses, vehicles, machines, etc. with complex functions in script, in a way that everybody can easily use them.

These objects are now available in the Gortax Shop in the virtual world Sovaria estates De nouveaux seront ajoutés au fil du temps.

Scary Robot



Free Full perms: Scripts GX-INTERP interpolators. An interpolator is a very powerful function, which calculates an output (position, rotation, color, etc.) as a function of an input (time, position of a cursor, etc.) and a series of key points. For the scripter, it is an user defined function. Each comes with a full script environment (initialisation, timer, etc.) that an average scripter just have to adapt to his application. Interpolators really get all the power of Halcyon, while creating little lag.

The GX-INTERP replaces Inworldz's complicated GX-MOTOR.


Free Full perms: Resizer script Allows to resize objects with one or multiple prims. Also detect YichTrains gauges and resize after gauge. Options inside the script. In some cases can resize on one axis only.


Free Full perms: Inventory giver script gives the content of the primitive. Menu driven, auto-menu, can manage more than 12 objets. Options in the script.


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