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«GortaX Robots» is a virtual company which operates in the virtual worlds in the Halcyon system. Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of places, houses, vehicles, machines, etc. with complex functions in script, in a way that everybody can easily use them.

For now there are only two scripts in development.

For now, after the closure of Inworldz, several scripts are available for free here, in the virtual world Amaryllis, including a much easier to use version of the GX-MOTOR from Inworldz. Several other scrippts are being developed.

Scary Robot


Free Full perms: GX-INTERP animation of objects. GX_INTERP is a (script) function, which is a function in the mathematical sense. It allows to control animations of objects, globally or prim by prim, with composition of relative movements (a forearm connected to an arm). However, its presentation as a function allows for many other applications, such as color changes, etc.

The GX-INTERP replaces Inworldz's GX-MOTOR. The GX-MOTOR showed its power several times, but it was a complex script, with a rigid internal structure, requiring to learn a language to create the control notecard. GX-INTERP is infinitely simpler, and appropriable by an average scripter.


Free Full perms: Resizer script Allows to resize objects with one or multiple prims. Also detect YichTrains gauges and resize after gauge. Options inside the script. In some cases can resize on one axis only.


Free Full perms: Inventory giver script gives the content of the primitive. Menu driven, auto-menu, can manage more than 12 objets. Options in the script.