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How to access virtual worlds

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This page will direct you toward a virtual world.
What is it

List of virtual worlds of this site (can change quickly)


You are about to enter in a multi-user online virtual world. It works with an ordinary computer, mouse, keyboard and screen. It is not using a VR helmet, since the ones existing are not powerful enough yet.



Already set? Quick info:

(With a 3D viewer installed) click here to enter the scene: Lysaer-Sovaria.

If needed, create a character here: Site or here: Login URL.

If needed, add this world to the list of the viewer. Click on the gridURI to get it in your clipboard:

If you don't know to use these informations, see under how to do.



First time? Follow the three steps:

1) Install the viewer software

The viewer software: you need to install it. Normally the Halcyon worlds (such as Sovaria Estates) use the firestorm viewer for OS. But, from the evolution of virtual world viewers, the Halcyon worlds (like Sovaria Estates) need this version of Firestorm We are working on this issue.

Your computer: Windows, Mac or Linux. All computers work, but cheap computers and most laptops will have jerky movements, for a frustrating experience. So better a good graphic card, and memory. Tablets and cellphones cannot be used. More info on hardware requirements.

Your screen: prefer a large one. Today (2024) there is no really usable 3D helmets.


2)Add a world to the list.

Start the viewer

You get the screen which follows (background varies):

Add a world in the Firestorm
			viewer list

Look at the «Select a world» (Grid) field. Clicking the small arrow shows a drop-down list of worlds.

If «Sovaria Estates» is in the list, select it, and go to step 3

Alternatively, «Sovaria Estates» can be at the very top of the list

If «Sovaria Estates» is not in the field «Select a world» (Grid) field, then:

    ☻ click on the «Grid URI» under, to get it in your clipboard:

    ☻ paste it in the «Select a world» (Grid) field

    ☻ Do Enter

    ☻ Go at once to step 3 to create your character



3)Create a character

Start the viewer

You get the screen which follows (background varies):

Se loguer dans le navigateur Firestorm

There are two ways to create your character:
☻ click on «create an account» at the bottom right of the viewer.
☻ follow this link: Login URL

You get a form (Some pages request to click on «create account» or other riddles) which allows you to choose a starting appearence (that you can change later), your character name, and the password that you will have to use in the viewer.

An email may be requested, for confirmation, and to receive infos. You then will have to reply to be confirmed, check that it works and is not blocked by a «spam» filter.

Once your character confirmed, you can enter:

Check that the world «Sovaria Estates» is selected in the field «Select a world» (Grid:) If it is not present in the list, see again step 2) how to add a world to the list.

Enter your character name and password as indicated (It is recommended to uncheck «Remember Username», especially if you share your computer.) (For beginners, it is better to leave the third field on «Home».). Now you just have to click «Log In»to enter!



Once in world...

Moving and communicating

The indispensable bases are:

Walk, with the arrow keys

Fly, with the PgUp and PgDown keys

Speak, first in text, with the menu «conversations» at bottom left. It opens a window which also show the private chat (very useful if you did a blunder)

Search for people, groups and places of interest, with the «search» button at bottom. this remains the best way to find like-minded people.

explore, with the menu «Map» at bottom right. Today virtual worlds are very big, making their population sparse. You can teleport with clicking on the map, or remember places you like with the menu at top left: «World» then «Landmark this place». The «landmark» is then stored in your inventory (small suitcase, bottom right)

Arrange your character appearance (improperly called «avatar»). This is possible in the world, either by using «freebies» (free items), or with buying items. Important: be yourself, avoid people who want you to look like them.

There are many other things to learn, but it is enough of a few every day. Never hesitate in asking for help to people you meet: You will get a new thing every day.

Your purposes.

There are many interesting things to do in the virtual, either for oneself or with others. Have your project, whatever it is, meet like-minded people, and learn more to lead your project to success.


Your behavior.

The media often despise virtual worlds are ruleless and lawless. Gross mistake: the people you encounter are real persons, with their sensitivity and their limits, often from countries with a totally different culture. So respect applies, together with all the useful social rules. Sometimes, people do not reply you: they can be busy, or simply not see your text. So it is better to behave in a mature and constructive way. Troublesome people and wackos are quickly spotted and banned.

Last warning, The people you see may look sexy, but this does not mean they are sexually available (In more many do not display their real gender, so beware of surprises).

And at last...

Have success in your new virtual life!